PolyDisinfection is a brand platform in which the most current and innovative products and technology-based product formulations are represented and introduced to global community markets.

Through PolyDisinfection’s stringent and rigorous product evaluation and selection process lead by our world-class Team of renowned Doctors and Scientists, we select the finest of product creations and provide them with advantageous benefits to a global market presence with meaningful sales penetration as a planned outcome.

The innovative MikroAir, Polidisin One-Step, and Ozone Sol Products Unit Kit for disinfecting Air & Surfaces enclosed environments, we represent exclusively for the US Territories under the management of Realtorlux Investments Branch. & DRC-Global Management Innovators LLC., Powered by BioDisin Srl technological innovation products for the containment and killing of infectious diseases and viruses.

Biodisin Srl operates in the biosecurity sector by providing specialist products for treatments that meet the widest safety and hygiene needs. Product formulations are recommended and guided by governing agencies such as CDC, EPA, and WHO. With 20+ years of product development experience in studies and research that have led to the creation of several product patents. These products are designed to revolutionize the concept of disinfection and sterilization treatments coupled with Proactive Prevention as a mainstream tool of use; while also activating enormous savings in scale, guaranteeing maximum non-toxicity and very high efficacy performance.

PolyDisinfection Team of Doctors, Scientist, and infrastructure of professionals combined have over 200 years of successful best-practiced habits resulting in High-Performance Achievement. Welcome the opportunity to evaluate your company and its products for our services. Contact us to schedule an introduction of your company at info@polydisinfection.com or mgt@polydisinfection.com.

On behalf of PolyDisinfection Brand Platform, our partners, and our product brand selections we thank you for visiting our website and look forward to hearing from you and hopefully working with you soon to make your product the next global “LoveMark!”

Focused on products and services designed to meet the needs of hospitals for safety, efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Develop and market innovative solutions and services in the US market and Internationally


  • Distributors
  • Analyze Products
  • Provide Market Research
  • Financial Plan Evaluation
  • Regulatory Affairs Assistance
  • Patent Application Services
  • Operation Development Plans
  • Develop Marketing Materials
  • Plan Strategic Promotion Launch

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