Eliminates up to 99.9% * of viruses, bacteria, mites, molds, fungi, spores, yeasts and pollen.
* The machines we use atomize the particle to such a small size that it is able to enhance the disinfection level up to Log6 (99.9999%).


It does not contain toxic chemicals.
It leaves no toxic residues and has zero polluting power.


It does not corrode surfaces and is not harmful to humans and animals.


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The micronized product is NOT toxic.

It is not harmful to children

Polidisin™ Human Health Pathogen/Disease

Polidisin has been developed specifically for use in the Human Health market sector and, as such, has been tested and proven effective against disease-causing pathogens of specific concern to human health. It is used for the disinfection and decontamination of hard surfaces, floors, walls, doors and door handles, furniture, cabinets, centrifuges and pipette discard jars etc. in: Medical Facilities (Hospitals and Doctors Surgeries), Pathology and Biosafety Containment Laboratories, Treatment Salons, Residential Homes and Public Areas.

With regard to the current global Coronavirus situation, independent tests have proven that the active ingredient of Polidisin ,inactivates a closely related surrogate of the currently spreading coronavirus strain. From these tests it can be concluded that tyhe disinfectant is effective against SARS-CoV-2 which is causing the current COVID-19 epidemic at an in-use dilution rate of 1:100.

The level of disease-causing organisms present after general cleaning can remain high enough to offer a serious disease challenge to patients and staff. Using a disinfectant proven to be effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi, such as POLIDISIN ™, is essential.

Readily soluble in Ozone Sol liquid formula, Polidisin™ dissolves into a pink solution as a 1:100 . Consult your local representative for advice or write to

Public Areas, Medical Facilities, Schools and Universities, Laboratories and Dentostries, Groceries, Airport and Flights as well as Train Station and Trains, Cruise Ships, Treatment Salons, Residential Homes and more.

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